? Global Port Machinery

We specialize in inspection, maintenance and repair of industrial brakes and crane electrical equipment systems.

Product Line:


    Wheel Brake Hydraulics
    Rail Brake Hydraulics
    Thruster Disc Brakes
    Drum Brakes
    Wheel Chocks
    Caliper Brakes
    Slip Ring Assembly
    Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
    Cable Reels


    Brake Discs
    Brake pads
    Magnetic Couplings
    Clutch/Wet Brakes
    Electro-hydraulic Thrusters

Full refurbishment: Inspection, Repair, Testing, Certification with Full Warranty.

Please contact us with any product or service related questions. Our friendly service techs are happy to help you.

Parts and Service Contacts:

Mort Harrison: 604-861-5002

Head Office: 604-532-0212

Fax: 604-532-0059

104 - 19415 56 Avenue
Surrey, BC

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